AI Booster: Unlock Organic Growth for Your AI start-up


Boost your AI startup with organic traffic and an exclusive knowledge hub

TL;DR: a list of 150+ premium directories to submit your AI start-up. Great source for backlinks & free high-intent traffic

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We have gathered a list of more than 150+ AI directories (+95% are totally free!!), which are key factors for your organic growth, after submitting our tool to all of these directories we achieved thousands of FREE visits and users on a monthly basis, and counting... 

These directories also generated backlinks to our website which are worth thousands of $$$ and take time to build independently.

And now, we’ve decided to share this list, and some more invaluable knowledge sources with you.

What should you do with it?

Just make sure you submit your website or product to all these directories, the traffic will eventually pop. (*submission process for each directory is less than a minute)

* If you have any questions or you feel you need assistance with getting this sh**t done, don’t hesitate to email us:

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“It's a treasure trove of resources that can help any AI enthusiast take their product to the next level”. 

We know the drill, we’ve been there; done that…  You’ve just launched a new product, and the struggle is REAL. 

How to attract your first users? How to share your vision with the world?

So, we’ve put some work - and dedicated more than 150 hours to compiling a comprehensive list with all you need to take your AI startup to the market.

The list includes 140+ directories, AI influencers, newsletters, Twitter accounts to follow, and YouTube channels that can help skyrocket your online traffic and get your product to market with ease. Our data collection effort is unparalleled, and we've gone the extra mile to provide you with the most meaningful and valuable data available.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your product to market. We know that staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly-evolving world of AI is crucial, and our offering can help you do just that.

The AI booster gives you a shortcut to success that can help you achieve your goals faster and with less effort and costs.

What will you get?

🚀 List of 150+ hand-picked AI directories that will drive traffic to your site

🚀 40+ Twitter accounts to follow

🚀 35+ AI Marketing tools kit 

🚀 35+ Newsletters

🚀 20+ YouTube Channels 

🚀 20+ Podcasts 

🚀 15+ Discord AI-communities

🚀 10+ AI Dedicated Communities

🚀 5 "must know" ChatGPT Prompts

🚀 Ready-to-use Influencer Brief

🚀 All data is being updated on a monthly basis

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AI Directories for submission
AI Related Newsletters
AI Marketing Tools For Daily Use
AI Influencers to Follow
AI Discord Communities
AI Podcasts to stay connected
AI YouTube Channels
Crucial Marketing ChatGPT Prompts
A complete Influencer marketing brief
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AI Booster: Unlock Organic Growth for Your AI start-up

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